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    Breeo offers exceptional services to help you achieve your educational goals

Profile Building

While you build a strong profile for your college applications, you also get to explore your own interests and hone your skills. Work with the Breeo team to identify the right summer programs, internships, and volunteering opportunities.

University Admission

It is a daunting process to prepare and apply to your dream universities. The Breeo team is there to help you navigate your way to your dream college. From selecting the right university to creating a beautiful story, you will have a friend to help you.

Career Counselling

Like our fingerprints, everyone has a different mind print. Our Cognitive assessment will help you identify your weaknesses, strengths, and interests to help you decide your subjects and career options.

At Breeo Educational Services

Our primary focus is to create a supportive platform where educators can foster potential and shape the future. Having ten years of expertise, we educate students internationally towards academic excellence, personality development, and global understanding.
We have leagues around the world, we have chapters in Dubai, Portugal, China, Japan, and Pakistan and the headquarters are in Toronto, Canada. We believe that everyone, regardless of their geographical location, deserves the opportunity to access an education that can improve their lives.

  • Vision: Our vision is to deliver the doorstep of education rights which are in the glory of the whole world.

  • Mission: We are in an environment where we plan to raise a highly educated and interlinked world.

  • Values: The underlying values that we stand by are Integrity Responsibility Student Growth and Respect for Diversity.

Our Approach

Breeo operates with a distinct modus operandi. Just as every superhero possesses unique superpowers, we have our own, which we refer to as SECI. We believe that aiding a student in achieving their goals, unlocking their untapped potential, and refining their skillset requires a methodology that extends beyond academics.

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What sets Breeo apart

  • At Breeo our sole focus is on students and their career aspirations. Our expertise starts from a diverse panel of study abroad counselors career guidance experts psychologists and experienced faculty members who bring years of valuable insights.

  • As a leading overseas education consultant Breeo stands out for our unwavering commitment to guiding students who dream of studying abroad. We go the extra mile to ensure personalized support and assistance throughout their journey.

  • With Breeo by your side you can trust us to transform your dreams into reality opening doors to a world of endless opportunities in global education.

The Breeo Difference

Discovering Your Goals

Our initial consult helps us identify your goals and aspirations for university and beyond — and exactly how to get there!

Identifying Your Strengths

We'll help evaluate your odds of admission to top unis based on your strengths and areas for improvement.

Building a Unique Game Plan

We craft personalized roadmaps for each student based on their unique needs and aspirations.

University Selection Process

Our admissions experts assist in identifying the universities that align with your aspirations and abilities, ensuring the best fit for your educational journey.

Perfecting Your Applications

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you at every stage, ensuring that together you submit the most compelling and impactful application possible.

Assembling Your Team

Each student is carefully matched with a dedicated and supportive team of tutors, mentors, and strategists, providing personalized guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

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Our Commitment

  • At Breeo we're all keen learners dedicated to building an institution that comprises integrity honesty accountability inclusion empathy and a relentless passion for helping students achieve their goals.

  • We measure our success not by the quantity of students we serve but by the impactful changes we bring to their lives.

  • We empower our students to become innovators and create extraordinary milestones.

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Ready to unlock your potential with Breeo?

Discover how Breeo can help you achieve your dream of university admission. Schedule a free consultation with an academic advisor today.