Embrace the freedom of ability as a country of opportunities

Studying in China

  • The Imaginative World of Plato should be the starting point of your exciting intellectual voyage alongside Breeo Education.

  • Today China is a leading country in international education that brings together the long-held traditional culture with the latest technological development. This journey is sure to be ahead of every Chinese-bound student from the UAE who strives to widen their horizons and accomplish their higher goals.

Why Choose China for Your Higher Education?

Among many destinations, China is unarguably one of the most prosperous and developing countries currently. Thus, going to China for higher education is a very promising prospect.

Unrivaled academic excellence

It's China that hosts some of the world's top universities approved reputable by the world, and classified highly in international education rankings. These places provide students with advanced approaches to learning where eminent professors teach them and see to it that graduates get an excellent, all-round training which will guarantee them successful careers.

Cultural Immersion and Discovery

The rich history of China is not only olive branches but also a bouquet of splendid culture and modern status. Learning in China should not be taken for granted because it is a rare experience that can take you to a new level of cultural appreciation, language learning, and political and economic insight into the mainland of Asia.

Economic powerhouse and global leader

The Chinese economy is an economic power now and occupies the foremost position in many fields. Attending a university in China would grant you a chance to use the newest technological creations and make connections in your future career as well.

Student life in China

Outside the classroom, student life in China is an adventure in itself

Campus Life

Join the dynamic student body, where you can participate in clubs, sports, and a whole reference to multicultural events.

Cultural Exploration

Go through the kaleidoscope of Chinese culture which is reflected in different aspects: food, music, art, and traditions.


Applying to study in China involves a competitive and painstaking process

Research Universities

Consider universities that sit well with your academic aspirations and other attributes. In the selection process, take into account the place, programs, and university’s financing opportunities.

Prepare your documents

Grab immensely needed papers, e.g. your academic records, test scores (if there are any), letters of recommendation, and a competent personal statement


Send your application through the university website portal or by a central application system such as the Common Application. Be sure to monitor application deadlines (different from school to school).

Financial planning

Being educated in China can be the capital you pump into your future. Carry on your studies with scholarships, grants, and economic assistance. Financial aid is by far the greatest means to minimize financial hardships, hence be sure to investigate all available possibilities.

Immigration Opportunitie

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