Psychometric Testing and Subject Selection Counselling

  • Choosing which field of study to opt for in college can be daunting. Some students go into a field based on their career interests while others choose a field they are genuinely academically passionate about. However sometimes students realize they did not pick the field that is best suited for them. In order to avoid such a scenario Breeo guides you on the process of choosing your field of study early on through its psychometric test. The results of the test shows how the aptitude of a student makes him fit for a particular academic discipline or career.

  • Once a student knows which field of study to go for in college Breeo advises you on which high school courses to take in order to maximize your chances of college acceptance

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Mindprint Assessment

  • MindPrint Assessment rids parents of the pressing issue that frustrates their child; the what. Instead it clears the path for them to focus on the how instead.

  • After assessing the student's strengths and weaknesses MindPrint Assessment develops the perfect strategies that are best tailored to the child’s learning capabilities. Each student flaunts a distinctive MindPrint and that is exactly what we help the student to recognize by measuring their cognitive skills and polishing these to guide the child to achieve academic success.

  • Consisting of nine puzzle-like activities the self-administered MindPrint assessment is a unique online test that does not contain any Math problems or comprehensions. It can be attempted by the student on a desktop or a laptop sitting within the comfort of their home uninterrupted and in a peaceful room. One of the best aspects; it can be completed within 75 minutes even though many might complete it sooner.

  • If you’re worried for your child’s future Brooe understands. That’s why we promise to guide your child every step of the way helping them solidify a strong academic base as well as assessing their curious minds and laying down short-term and long-term goals with them. Your child’s Breeo advisor will work closely with not only your child but your child’s tutors and coaches keeping track of the progress made and personalizing the program according to the child’s needs. The advisor will work collaboratively during the course of this term-based approach guiding your child step-by-step overseeing their academic journey and eliminating any hiccups that they might face whilst transitioning from middle school to high school.

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A psychometric test is an assessment tool to objectively evaluate the traits, aptitude, behavioral style, mental ability, and cognitive skills of an individual which helps in making informed career choices

A certified psychometrician, psychologist, or educator with extensive training and certification administers the test.

Psychometric testing instills purpose and direction by connecting natural talents, skills, and knowledge with in-demand education pathways The other advantages of taking a Psychometric test include: Career Guidance: Make the right career choice and prepare for your dream university Progress Report: Track growth in the chosen field Intervention Planning: SWOT analysis and development Relationship Management: Learn how the people around you work

Psychometric assessments can be broadly classified into personality tests and aptitude (cognitive ability) tests.

The types of questions that psychometric tests include vary depending on the test type and the measurement model adopted within the assessment.

Psychometric Testing and Subject Selection Counselling at Breeo

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